The personal buying experience

Welcome to RAH Estate Agents, the estate agency that can offer you a personal buying experience. The blueprint of our business is centred on providing the level of service you would expect from a high-end, luxury company. Due to the increase in overseas buyers, sellers and investors, one of our biggest assets is our bilingual team. Being able to provide the same level of service in a multitude of languages only strengthens our position within the market.

Are you financially ready?

Its important to have all your finances in place prior to looking for your next home. Due to the higher scrutiny mortgage lenders now subject customers to in regards to their financial standing, it is recommended that you have at least three financially healthy months prior to applying for a mortgage. We qualify each potential buyer prior to viewings and strongly advise that you procure an offer in principal to demonstrate your commitment and ability to proceed. We can also help with mortgages.

Why should I register with you?

If you are seeking a property in West or Central London, registering with us could give you an advantage in your search for your next home. There are often occasions where we list a property but the vendor wishes it not to be advertised for a number of weeks. However, just because it is not live does not mean that you will not be able to view the property ahead of its launch. Our personal buying experience means you will be given advanced notification of any property that we believe will be of interest to you.

We often have properties that are discreet; this means that the vendor doesnt want their property advertised at all. In circumstances such as these we need to market the property very subtly. If you are registered with us you will be informed should such a property become available. We are seeing a growing number of discreet properties across all price brackets; therefore we would highly recommend that you register with us, so that you dont miss out on these hidden gems.

Any tips for property searching?

Have you come up with a dream wish list yet for your new home? We all have visions of our ideal home, but what if we told you that, in the majority of cases, your vision is not what you will buy. This might be due to the fact that your wish list exceeds your budget and is therefore unrealistic, but it is more likely that what you think you want is not what you actually need.

Rightmove and Zoopla are great places to start, but try not to let the photographs influence your decision too much. Not all agents use professional photography and therefore the images can be misleading with regard to space, light and the overall look of a property. Plus, no photograph can provoke or match the feeling you get when you are physically stood inside a property.

List the top three things that are important to you, and be specific; for example, do you want to be close to friends and family, or close to work? What will frustrate you more, a long commute to and from work, or the inability to meet up with those close to you? Also bear in mind what might change, for instance you may change jobs in the future.

Have an honest conversation with one of our team at RAH Estate Agents. Getting to know you, your lifestyle, your wish list and what is important to you will enable us to match you with your next home. Trust our expertise and judgement with regard to viewings; we will only show you property we believe is right for you!

What makes a successful viewing?

In one word: honesty! Constructive feedback is not only beneficial to the vendor but also enables us to re-focus our search for your next home. Prepare for the viewing by drawing up a list of questions that you may have about the property. They could be as simple as the nearest tube line, to details regarding the lease. Dont waste the viewing by not giving the property the time it deserves. Remember you are looking at the bricks and mortar and not their choice of décor and furnishings. Be honest about any perceived problems with the property, as we will more than likely have a solution.

Making an offer

Making an offer should be a well thought out process that combines research on the market and serious consideration of your financial situation. Make sure you clearly state your personal situation when making your offer, for example whether you have no property to sell, if you have a mortgage in place and can move within a certain time frame, as this could be an advantage.

Completion is not the end, as your relationship with us matters. We will continue to offer you advice and guidance regarding the next stage of your property journey and beyond.